Read Our Family and Resident Bluegrass Assisted Living Testimonials.

Nothing makes us prouder than receiving glowing assisted living testimonials and memory care testimonials from our senior residents and their families. It’s a pleasure for our staff to serve them.

We receive testimonials like these because of our strict quality assurance program ofcompassionate care across four support programs by embracing the Alzheimer’s Care Enrichment Philosophy, because of 24/7 monitoring of our residents, because of our nutritious home-cooked meals, because of our gracious style of living, and because of newfound freedom from their daily chores.

Please browse through these testimonials from our two Bluegrass Assisted Living senior living facilities in Kentucky and see why families choose to have their loved ones live here:

“My name is Jane Roby and my, mother Lyda Taylor, (99 and was your oldest client) died at Bluegrass assisted Living in Bardstown yesterday. I must tell you she was there a little over 2 years and it was the best experience it ever could have been!

“She and I both have loved the staff and they have loved her! You sure have wonderful caring people that work there and they sure go above and beyond in their jobs! Madison came in on her day off to be with Mom and meet me when she died. She is the new Assistant Director and she will be a wonderful asset in that job. Charlotte Morris who just left for Etown facility was great! She will be missed. The aides Taylor, Heather and many many more that I can’t think of names right now were all so good to my mom! Bertha in Foods even would love on and visit Mom.

“I so appreciate the care that she got and will always tell everyone what a special place Bluegrass Assisted Living is! (I know I’ve mentioned several names but please know I just can’t call them all right now but they were all so special and I want each and everyone to know they’re great!!) – Jane Roby

Bluegrasss Assisted Living Bardstown has been a great blessing for my Grandmother. My family and I have been very pleased with the care, meals & activities that have been offered for her. This has truly been a ‘home away from home’ place to be.”
– Thanks and sincerely,
Lanette Hardin & Family

“Making the decision to move a loved one into assisted living can be stressful. In our case, my siblings and I needed extra help with our father. We worried about moving him. Would he adjust to the new environment? Will he be happy? Will the staff understand his special needs? How will he do in a communal living situation? Our fears began to dissipate immediately upon moving him into Bluegrass Assisted Living Bardstown.

“He likes his room. It’s kept clean and it’s just the right size for him to feel comfortable. He had no trouble adjusting. We attribute his success 100% to the professional, caring staff. They make Dad feel safe, happy and truly cared for. They keep the facility sparkling clean and fresh, but more importantly, the staff members take pride in the well-being of each and every resident. Their dedication and positive attitudes, smiles, and individual attention are what makes Bluegrass Assisted Living Bardstown truly ‘home’ for our dad.
– Judy A. Manning

“I attended a meeting at Bluegrass Assisted Living in Bardstown on December 10, 2009 to find out about Veterans benefits for my 83-year-old mother. I had no idea that a widow of a Veteran could even apply for a VA pension.

“Like most people I had my doubts as to my mother ever receiving anything from the VA. Four months later in April, my mother received a letter from the VA informing her that they were granting her a lifetime pension to cover the cost of her Assisted Living expenses. I would like to give U.S. Benefits Analysts a tremendous thanks for getting this VA pension for my mother.I would not have known where to start or how to apply and they did all the work.

I would also like to thank Bluegrass Assisted Living for putting me in contact with U.S. Benefits Analysts. This VA widow’s pension is a tremendous benefit for my mother.”
– Gratefully, Tom Lyvers

“I cannot possibly express the gratitude we feel towards you and your company, U.S. Benefits Analysts. Your assistance is getting a Veteran’s widow’s pension for my mother was invaluable. When Bluegrass Assisted Living put me and my family in contact with you, we didn’t actually believe anything would come of it. We actually knew that my mother should qualify for assistance and we had tried numerous times on our own to no avail. Your company accomplished what we could not do on our own.

We are extremely grateful for the resourcefulness of your staff in finding a professional company like U.S. Benefits Analysts that have the experience and knowledge to work through the complicated forms and requirements so that my mother could receive her Veteran’s widow pension. We began the process with you on January 11, 2010 and we understood it would be a minimum of 10 months for her to receive a VA pension but barely two months later, on March 17, we received a letter stating that she had been granted benefits. “Thank you Bluegrass Assisted Living and U.S. Benefits Analysts for helping us to allow my mother to continue living comfortably.”
– Joy Pharmer

“I am a visiting home health nurse and frequently visit clients at Bluegrass Assisted Living in Bardstown. I highly recommend this facility. They truly are caring and compassionate and treat your loved ones like family.”
– Tammy, R.N.

“Again my thanks to your facility. Dad is really enjoying his stay there. Though he still would like to go ‘home’ he has expressed that his past life had gotten very lonely. The longer he is with Bluegrass, the more, I think, he considers it to be home. He told me about the fire alarms and his role as “alarm coordinator”. Dad held a job with a great deal of responsibility at Bernheim for many years. He did everything to the best of his ability. I think that ability is what kicked in when the alarms sounded. He can’t sit by and be a spectator at those times, so he will likely be in that role should any other alarms sound. Thanks for treating him with such respect and dignity.”
— Gayle Ryan

“I am offering comments about Bluegrass Assisted Living. Because my sister still says after several weeks of living here, ‘I feel like I am on vacation,’ which pleases me the most. Having visited there several times, I find the building each time to be clean, fresh smelling, and so bright and colorful! Flowers around and pictures add to the décor.

“But what residents and families want most is a happy resident who is pleased with the staff and likes the food that is being served. My sister is ‘very’ pleased with the staff and the food.

“I sense a ‘family atmosphere’ there and everyone seems professional and caring. Not once have I heard a staff member raise their voice or show impatience.

Having visited many nursing homes and assisted living areas, I can truthfully say that Bluegrass Assisted Living has impressed me the most. Had I known about your establishment, I would have asked a family I know to move their loved one from the location to Bluegrass.

“My two sisters who visit our sister there are also quite pleased and happy with what we see our sister enjoying.”
— J. Edelen and Family

“When you have to place a loved one in an assisted living, you want one that makes that person feel at home. A place that is run by professionals, staff that is loving and caring, as well as aware of what going medical with your family member.

“At Bluegrass, you receive this and so much more. Each person has their own private room and they are able to have a daily life, as well as being monitored 24/7 by the management and professional staff.

“When you walk into Bluegrass you have a warm feeling. You know that your loved one will be taken care of.”
– Liz Smith

“This is a very nice place. It is very pretty and comfortable for one to live here. The food is delicious. All the caregivers and office staff are just great.”
– Teri Smith

“I visited my grandmother who lives here.”
“The employees seem happy & are friendly! The place looked clean & just seemed cozy. My other family members like visiting there & said the food is good. Grandma seems happy & especially likes talking to other people at the meals. Her room holds a lot of her furniture & other things. She has her own bathroom with a big shower. There are TVs everywhere so they can watch TV with their friends. There is a fireplace where people were sitting around & talking, It’s a very nice place!” -Adam

“My mother has been at Bluegrass for nearly 3 years.”
“When she went in we were not sure if they could handle some of her difficult ways. But they were patient and worked with her and us and now my mother’s is very happy there. It sure made our lives better. The family is always welcome. We are very happy.” – Pharlow

My mother has been a resident for over a year and she finds the staff very caring and attentive.”
“It is reassuring to her to know that all her needs are met and she no longer has to do laundry, cooking or cleaning or being responsible for taking her meds. She enjoys the activities and would enjoy doing even more of them. It is a place where friendships are developed and the residents care for each other.” – JoanieJar

“One of the most emotional tasks a family will face is placing a patient in Assisted Living or Nursing Home.

“In addition to this difficult task is watching your parents spend-down their assets they have worked for all their lives to pay for Assisted Living and Nursing Home cost.

Fortunately we were informed by Bluegrass Assisted Living in Elizabethtown of a National company that specialized in prequalifying veterans or their widows for a VA pension hat will help pay for these costs.

“I am so glad that our family decided to work with US Benefits Analysts to get the VA pension for our mother. The professional service that we received from their Bardstown representative was outstanding. This Company’s VA attorneys and CPAs was able to get our mother’s VA pension award in 105 days and there were no fees of any kind charged for their outstanding service.

“Thanks to the staff at Bluegrass Assisted Living for providing us with the information about this Companies outstanding services.”
– Cordially, Sam Booth, Leitchfield, KY

Bluegrass has been the perfect place for our Dad. Everyone is so good to him and takes such great care of him. They have made this his new home.”
– Family of Robert Wise

“I am writing to comment on my experience at Bluegrass Assisted Living facility and your staff. My mother has resided at Bluegrass since September 2008. During that time your staff has always been very helpful in assisting Mom with her daily needs. All of the caregivers are great! They genuinely care about mom ensuring that all of her needs are taken care of and all of your staff makes her feel like family. The caregivers have been very supportive as well as friendly, courteous and professional. The caregivers have also given the family great advice for mom’s care, such as the proper way to assist her when getting her up from a sitting position.

“The facility is always extremely clean and it feels like home. bluegrass offers a variety of activities and special events, such as Boot-Scootin’ Grannies and an Elvis Impersonator. Bluegrass also offers church services for the residents.

Bluegrass also offers the services of a beauty salon. The beauty salon is so needed in the home. The women look forward to Mondays when they get their hair styled. It is a pleasure to see the women in the beauty salon getting their hair washed and styled!

“The cafeteria offers a variety of food. If a special diet is needed it is provided. Mom is a diabetic so she is given food and drink that is sugar-free. I have eaten the food from the cafeteria and it is delicious! I would also like to compliment the cooks for the great job they do in the kitchen. I also like the fact that all of the residents eat together. I think that makes Bluegrass seem more like home.

“Since I live in New Jersey I have visited with mom several times, therefore I spend quite a bit of time at the facility. I appreciate the fact that all of the workers and staff treat my mother with respect and see that she is well cared for and comfortable.

“My family and I visited several different Assisted Living facilities and Bluegrass seemed more like a home with family and not just an institution.

In closing, I, as well as my brother, Gary Brewer, want to take this opportunity to thank you, the caregivers, the kitchen workers, the beautician and the administrative staff for providing the great care for my mother. I would highly recommend the Bluegrass Assisted Living home to everyone in need of an assisted living home.
– Patricia L. Roberts

“My Grandparents, Lynn & Ora Cates, have lived at Bluegrass Assisted Living for 2 years. We have been very pleased with the care they have received since moving there.

“In the beginning, we were concerned about the transitions from home to the assisted living setting. The administration and staff made every effort to ensure us the change would be smooth for my grandparents.

My grandparents seem very content with their new home. I attribute this to the caring staff, clean environment and structure provided. My grandmother is very social & likes to get out & visit with the other residents. She also enjoys the activities such as bingo, church services, exercise classes, dancing, and arts and crafts.

“My grandfather on the other hand, is much less social and mobile. He prefers to stay in his apartment most of the time where it is quiet and peaceful.

Bluegrass Assisted Living is the perfect place to call home. A warm, loving, stable environment. This is the key to optimal care for our aging parents. Thanks to Bluegrass staff for loving Lynn and Ora.”
– Kim and Dennis Cates

“My father, Clarance Cecil, is very happy and satisfied at Bluegrass Assisted Living. He has lived at Bluegrass since June 2008. He tells me frequently what a good place it is and that he hasn’t had a bad meal since he’s lived here.

Because my father is so content, the family is also extremely pleased with the kind, patient care and attention that he receives from the dedicated staff. Thank you.
– Sue Story, Daughter

“There is no way we can ever thank all of your enough for the special care you gave Claudie from the first day she arrived. She grew to love all of you like family and so did we. All of you always welcomed us, no matter what time, day or night, to visit and discuss any concerns any of us might have. There will always be a special place in our heart for each and every one of you. This thank you is for the entire staff that came in contact with Claudie. We appreciate all the flowers, visits and cards. God bless each of you.”
– Mike and Carolyn Pellman

Thank you so much for the great care you gave to our Mom, Claudie Pellman, over the last few months. You were her other ‘family’.”
– Fonda and Bob Dever and Family

“Words can’t begin to express my admiration for the excellent loving care you gave to Miss Claudie! You made her last days on Earth so much easier and gave the family enormous peace of mind. You are the best!”
– Peggy Holthaus, Chaplain

I have never seen an Assisted Living Facility work together so well in such a potentially critical situation. My hat is off to you all with appreciation for the love you give your residents. Thank you for allowing me to work with you!”
– Rosie, R.N.

“Since my stay here at Bluegrass Assisted Living, I have come to know it as home and recommend it highly. I love this place. Thank God for a place like this.
– Doddie Daniels, Elizabethtown

“When I came to Bluegrass Assisted Living five years ago, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. But it’s a good place to be. It’s the best place I’ve been so far. Breakfast is my favorite meal & they always serve me enough to last all day. The staff is great. I enjoy the attention I get from the caregivers. We are like a big family. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.
— Jim Bryant, Bardstown

“This is the greatest place to live, next to home! The food is good, the staff is nice, friendly & willing to aid all who need assistance, and it’s very clean. I would recommend Bluegrass Assisted Living to anyone, it’s like staying at a nice hotel. Come in & see for yourself!”
– Hubert Summers, Bardstown

“Now that I have passed my 80 years of ‘Senior Life’, it is not easy for me to plan my days ahead. Your Senior Life Calendar does help me decide what I can and would like to do…I know that my life is complete because ‘Senior Life’ cares.”
– Sidney Shiek

“Senior Life and all other senior organizations are wonderful. It gives both women and men the opportunity to get out and meet other people and enjoy all activities.”
– Margaret Cunningham

“I am happy to say I was more than pleased to be a part of the group. It made me feel young & needed again. The Newsletters are very informative. Keep up the great work! For such a simple publication, it has enormous impact.”
– Irene Summit