Preserving The Dignity of Our Residents Since 2001.

Established in September 2001, Bluegrass Assisted Living and Memory Care in Bardstown and Bluegrass Assisted Living and Memory Care in Elizabethtown are dedicated to providing programs, activities and amenities that focus on independence, encouraging individuality, and preserving the dignity of our residents, our staff, and the community in which we reside.

You’re welcome to take a virtual tour of our communities in Bardstown and Elizabethtown. We’re proud to have been recognized as the best senior assisted living community in Elizabethtown. You’ll be surprised at the answers to five common myths of senior living.

This is Bluegrass Assistant Living’s commitment to our residents and families:

  • We’re entrusted with the care and well-being of many aging mothers and fathers — so keeping our commitment to them is our highest priority.
  • This commitment means delivering individualized care and services in a home-like environment by a well-trained and compassionate staff.
  • One of the hallmarks of the assisted living industry is the way caregivers go about their work — serving with compassion while recognizing the individuality, preserving the dignity while encouraging each resident’s independence.
  • To fill the special role of a caregiver, Bluegrass Assistant Living Bardstown and Bluegrass Assisted Living Elizabethtown seek out those with both experience and a special love for and interest in seniors.
  • Once hired,  our caregivers undergo progressive, multi-level training, including an orientation to Bluegrass culture, policies and procedures.

In addition, we accept Veterans Aid & Assistance for assisted living costs. A veteran’s spouse may also receive these benefits.

Bluegrass Assisted Living provides seniors with a full range of personalized Assisted Living services. We help with daily activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, and assistance of self-administration of medication.

We’re proud to offer a philosophy of Bluegrass Assisted Living that is designed for our individual residents that promotes independence, encourages individuality, and preserves each senior’s dignity.

Bluegrass Assisted Living believes that activities are the foundation to Alzheimer’s Memory Care. Every moment, interaction, procedure, or aspect of care — such as an outing, a backrub, a sing along, or a snack — is viewed as an activity.

We’re committed to focusing on each resident’s retained capacities, flexibility in planning and grading activities to their level of functionality, so that the principles of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation are integral components. Truly individual relationships and care are our goals. For more information, please see The Alzheimer’s Care Enrichment Philosophy Link.

The trust that our residents’ families place in us to care for their loved ones is our greatest priority. At Bluegrass Assisted Living, we earn that trust by providing a strict quality assurance program with consistency, dependability, and compassionate care.

Given our philosophy, we believe in a high quality of life for seniors, encouraging them to be as active as they can be. That’s why we access each resident, customize a care plan, then tailor daily activities to meet particular needs, capabilities and interests.

Their activities range from local points of interest to morning exercise programs. Scheduled activities enable residents to continue actively participating in their home and local community, with enhanced involvement when family members and friends join in.

At Bluegrass Assisted Living, residents are encouraged to enjoy their independence. Our sense of community plays an intricate part to our overall caregiving. Our volunteer program encourages residents to make new friends with local civic organizations, churches and schools.

Our business is caring for frail seniors, helping them and their families through one of life’s most stressful periods. For this reason, we’re committed to compassionate high quality care, preserving dignity, and protecting our residents’ privacy.